Getting Started

So to start off! First I should tell everyone a little about my travel plans. I assume most readers will be friends and family with whom I do a bad job of keeping in touch. For these failings, I apologize in advance! Hopefully this blog will remedy that, plus with multiple people bugging me for updates, such updates are much more likely to happen frequently!

Nevertheless, for those of you who don’t know the details, I am embarking on a trip for an indeterminate amount of time – starting somewhere around one year. A childhood friend, Janice, and I have dreamed for years of travelling the world together. In our last years of high school we dreamed of backpacking across Europe when we had graduated from university. We saw ourselves picking up that summer and gallivanting through France, Italy, Germany, etc., meeting other students and undertaking the same type of trip some of our parents had decades previously. But four long years of university interceeded and that dream grew dim at times as other committments got in the way. Oddly enough, some things may be fated and just as we both were figuring out what we wanted to do in our immediate future, we realized we were both free to do a trip like this and decided to commit to it.

Obviously the trip has changed in the past few years, but now it’s October and we’re about to embark on our long-dreamed about trip. Instead of a traditional summer trip across Western Europe, we’re starting in October, and instead of Western Europe, we’re starting in Greece and heading into the Balkans before settling in the UK with a Youth Mobility Visa. And while those traditional backpacking places remain appealing, we’ve grown into adults and developed our own interests, which has led us to make slightly different choices this time around. On our loose itinerary we have included stops in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary (which may change depending on our moods, who we meet, and what opportunities present themselves). I promise to do my best to keep everyone updated as to our whereabouts and adventures!


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