Kingston, Ontario

I’ve just gotten back from a weekend visit to Kingston where I had the pleasure of seeing some friends from university, likely for the last time for year or so, including one of my former roommates, Kelsey. We’ve lived together for the past two years and I will miss her (and my other roommates) dearly while I am away. Despite living in London for the past month, I’m still not used to not being able to walk down the hall and climb onto one of their beds for a chat. We had so much fun together! Kelsey and I spent a great deal of time together, because as well as living together, we graduated from the same program. It’s sad not having class (horridly early class at that) every week with her. Unfortunately, my other dear roommates I haven’t been able to see since I moved out (or they moved out) but I have already been practicing keeping in touch through skype!

So off the Kingston I went, not only to visit Kelsey, but also to visit Alison and Angélique (two friends who also graduated from my program and who are doing MAs at Queens) as well as my significant other, who is also doing graduate work in Kingston. We spent a lot of time eating (food we made, food I brought, and food we acquired using money!). And Kelsey and I were able to practice tourist mode wandering around the pretty old areas of Kingston, while staying far away from the various toothless inhabitants and police raids on suspicious looking houses… The girls (and one of the boys!) also had fun watching reruns of Sex and the City and debating favourite characters. Boy votes for Aiden, Kelsey votes for Berger! It’s lovely to be able to spend time with loved ones before running off to the far corners of the world!


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