Kelsey’s Visit

My dear friend Kelsey managed to find a few days free from work and other obligations to take her first (?) adventure on the greyhound to come and visit me this week! It was officially the last time I’ll see her before I leave (and before she leaves to New Zealand). It’ll be at least 10 months before we’re reuniting.

 We spent a lot of time taking crappy London transit around to various attractions (mostly the mall where I     bought walking shoes and we saw The Help – we both cried). London transit has the distinct honour of being one  of the crappiest transit systems in the province (of the larger cities I’ve visited in this province). In my experience, it has some of the poorest planning, least effective routes, slowest buses and long waits in-between buses. The drivers have also been some of the most surly. After we had run to the bus with our hands full of groceries, the driver berated us because he couldn’t tell if we wanted him to stop or not. Another driver glared at Kelsey for using change and not knowing she had to ask for a transfer (in Ottawa, they are required usually as proof of payment). The best part was waiting for the bus in the rain and calling the helpline to see when the bus would arrive only to be told to enter the stop number (which was nowhere in sight). Less helpfully, we could look up the stop number on their website. Kind of defeats the point of a call in service. London transit = not winning.

Aside from our bus adventures, we  walked the dog, toured my childhood neighbourhood, saw my elementary school and played on the playground (while waiting for chinese food from the new local takeout place – turns out it’s not bad!). Best of all, we played with fondant and did our best to make pretty flowers – we had varying levels of success!

Kelsey's first (finished) rose

My first rose (I finished my first try - take that Kelsey!)

Kelsey's improved roses after a few attempts!

After I got bored with roses, I tried something new!


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