Packing/ stress

I leave in four days. And I can honestly say that I am in no way ready. Moving is such a pain… I still haven’t dealt with all the stuff I moved back to my parent’s house and I have to really fricking soon because I leave on Wednesday! Holy crap! It’s so soon and I totally haven’t started packing, the house looks like a tornado hit and I still have so many errands to do. Best of all, since I had my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago, I’ve been kinda out of commission.  Before that, I had friends visiting and before that it was thanksgiving (so I was spending time with my baby brother and the boyfriend). Before that? I’d managed to catch a chest infection (ohhh fun) and was in Kingston, and before that? At the cottage. Why did I leave everything to the last-minute? Because I’m a bad ol’procrastinator. Although this time it’s not just that. Life just got in the way! I swear…

Anyways, stuff has got to get done in the next few days (like buying power adaptors, a new bottle of foundation, last-minute meds and, you know, packing!) But at the moment I still can’t bend over because of the teeth stuff. Thanks goodness my parents get home today and my mother has said she’ll help with the heavy lifting I still can’t do. I know that somehow, it’ll all get done… I still have to sort through some of my belongings from my Ottawa house as well as clear space to store them in my parent’s house while I’m gone. I also still have my closet to go through – deciding what to take and what to leave is a challenge, so little room! I’m gone for a minimum of ten months though, so I need enough clothing to basically get me through most of that. Luckily I have space to store some stuff in the UK while I’m backpacking, but it’s still not a lot of room! We’ll see how I manage.

My biggest fear at the moment is that my teeth will take forever to heal. It would suck to leave and still be on a liquid diet. I’m bored of it already… I want real food!!!

By the way (for visuals) here’s a video I found that lays out the problem with the US economy. Good concise stuff! Now if only people would listen…


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