In Nottingham

We’ve been in Nottingham for a few days now and we’ve been staying with a friend of Janice’s (Will) and his family, who have very graciously put us up. They’ve been lovely to us (and such good cooks!). We had duck for dinner one night (delicious) and last night we had the most amazing fish lasagna.  Our first day, afternoon rather, there we mostly slept, and we’ve been trying to adjust to the time difference (which is hard when we’re always up late finishing the wine). One afternoon we went into town (they live just on the outskirts of Nottingham) and saw the castle, which was very pretty but had lots of cheesy robin hood stuff and of course we had to take pictures with the Robin Hood statue.  All the streets have ridiculous names like Maid Marian Way but its such a pretty city and it boasts the oldest running pub in England!

Nottingham Castle

The Robin Hood statue

Janice and Will in Nottingham

Hanging out playing sporcle

We also had the chance to visit the adorable little English village outside Nottingham, which is where Will went to school as a youngster. Janice and I made googly-eyes at the adorable buildings and streets before we went to a traditional English pub (complete with locals wandering through with there dogs).

The church in the adorable village

Also, in other news, because of the strikes and riots and molotov cocktails in Greece, we’ve decided to do our trip kind of backwards which means lots of revamping and last minute plans! I’ll keep you updated, promise!

And one last awesome thing I found…

Pirate water I bought at St Pancras station in London


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  1. Kerri

    love the pirate water and recieved your great card.

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