We took the train from Prague to Bratislava and after a short kerfuffle figuring out how to buy tickets for the tram we quite easily made it from the station to our hostel. I was coming down with a cold at the time (too many late nights in Prague perhaps? Or sick dorm mates?) Either way, we headed out into the city to walk around but after an hour or so it started to get dark and cold, so we headed back to the hostel and had a meal of odd tiny potato dumpling with sheep cheese sauce. Good, but incredibly salty. Then we figured we’d relax, catch up on emails and have an early night. Janice was using the computer and I was waiting to start writing an email looking at our maps around nine when I fell asleep. I didn’t wake up until nine the next morning!

Pretty Pink Church!

Bratislava Town Hall

Odd potato dumplings

The good news was that I felt way better that day, so we headed out to see Bratislava castle. We spent most of the morning there, walking around, seeing the pretty buildings and gardens and admiring the views over the city. We’d been told that Bratislava wasn’t a very pretty city – it does have far more remnants from the Soviet Era than other cities, but I found it fascinating to look over one side of the castle walls to see the pretty old town, and the other to see the industrial, Soviet style buildings. Quite a contrast.

Bratislava Castle

Cute tour bus!

Outside the castle walls

We wandered down from the castle in the early afternoon and headed down to the Old Town and the two main squares. We wandered around finding bronze statues to take photos of (and with) and looked at the pretty buildings, venturing into courtyards where we weren’t supposed to be! We stopped for lunch at a traditional pub and I ate garlic soup and this spicy goulash that was wrapped in a pancake – very good! What I have noticed about Slovak food is that it’s awfully salty for my tastes – perhaps home cooked food isn’t this way and it’s only a restaurant thing. We wandered around the town some more in the afternoon and then headed back to the hostel in the evening, still recovering from the cold. We had a quiet night hanging out with two guys from New Zealand who were in our dorm watching really bad American television – the only thing we could find in English!

You know, just chilling...


Goulash pancake

The next day we were leaving Bratislava so we left our bags at the hostel and went and hung out in a cafe for awhile, enjoying the morning, before taking a walk by the Danube in the sunshine! We wandered passed the university district and the National Theatre quite by accident before picking up our bags and heading to the train station. Onto Vienna!


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