The next morning we went to catch our train from Split to Ljubljana. Our journey wasn’t just one train – we took a train to a tiny train station in Croatia and w loaded onto a bus and driven to another tiny little train station before being loaded onto another train to Zagreb and finally one last train to Ljubljana. While we were getting off the first train I helped a woman get her baggage off the train, she turned out to be an American with homes in Croatia and we got to chatting on he bus before our next train. The only other hitch in our journey was during our long wait in Zagreb, we had a very old, rather smelly and very drunk man who decided to take up residence beside us and talk loudly at us in Croatian.

Once we got into Ljubljana, our host Bri met us at the train station and took us to her house. When we got there we met  her cat Pelena (which means sawdust). She was adopted as a kitten after Bri found her outside in a flood, covered in sawdust. She was very ill as a kitten and never grew properly, so she still looks like a kitten. She is one of the most friendly playful cats I’ve ever met and she loves being held and played with. That night we went out to a bar to have a drink and talk, but the bar we went to had closed their kitchen, so our waiter went across the street and got us Mexican food from another restaurant – very nice of him.


The next day we went exploring Ljubljana with Bri, who took us on a wonderful walking tour. We walked through Metalkova – alternative culture community full of interesting artwork and interesting people. It also hosts a bunch of bars at night and is one of the coolest places in the city to hang out. If you want to learn more about Metalkova here’s a link that explains more: http://www.ljubljana-life.com/ljubljana/metelkova


Adorable Poster


We wandered through the main squares, saw Ljubljana’s famous three bridges and went for lunch at a lovely teashop where we had delicious tea and lovely vegetarian sandwiches. Then we wandered up the hill to Ljubljana’s castle and then decided to go up the viewing tower and have coffee – but it was relatively short-lived because it was so cold up there!

Janice and Bri at the Three Bridges

The walk to the castle

The castle

That night we went and hug out with Bri’s friends – a bunch of expats and some locals who played a regular game of hacky-sack on Friday nights. So we played for awhile and then we all went to Metalkova to go to the bars – I tried wildflower brandy, a local specialty.

Dragons at Night

The next day we had another easy day in Ljubljana, hanging out with with Bri, seeing the dragon bridge, walking in the part and going to the most amazing dessert place where we had hot chocolate with ice cream in it. It was so good… I made dinner than night (curry) and we watched the movie “o” together – not a good movie but entertaining all the same. The next morning Bri walked us to the train station and we headed to Budapest!



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