Pécs, Hungary

The next stop on our tour was Pécs, a smaller student city in the south of Hungary. It has a long archaeological record – which I like – started with the Celts, continuing with the foundation of a Roman city on the site and it was an important site of early Christianity too! So many things for my geeky interests to love!

We arrived in the city in the early afternoon and made our way to the hostel to drop off our bags before heading out to explore. We had lunch at a place with absolutely delicious food – the standout was the pear cream soup. Then we saw our usual churches, with a mosque thrown in! We explored the main street, the shopping district and went for a walk in a lovely little park where we found the entrance to part of the old bishop’s fortifications and climbed the tower (with its teeny-tiny stairs that I was desperately nervous of falling down!) to look out over the city (or part of it). We stopped for coffee in a cute shop that made their own chocolates before braving the post office. Getting stamps in a foreign country can be quite difficult and in Pécs, no one spoke English, so we had to pantomime postcard and then try to tell them where we wanted them to go (we settled on saying America, because Canada got us blank stares).

We had a early night at the hostel (due to my now full blown cold) and chatted with our dorm mates, who were Americans on their way home from teaching English in Korea. The guy had left his passport on the bus on the way into Pécs and had been obviously panicking once he arrived at the hostel and realized this. The lovely (although English challenged) hostel owner had gone down to the bus stop herself, convinced the driver to let her on the bus and crawled through the bus till she found it and brought it back for him. Hospitality here is an amazing thing – people will go out of their way to help you as best they can, even if you can barely speak to them!

The next day we did some more exploring, visiting a 4th century Christian Mausoleum, wandered around the castle some more and did some errands before deciding it was too cold outside for me and my cold, so we went to huddle in a cafe and people watch until it was time to catch our bus.


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  1. karen hoffman

    Loving your blog and can hardly wait until the next entry,

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