A jaunt to the castle

One afternoon Janice and I decided to wander through Nottingham to the castle and take a gander at the Castle Museum and Art Gallery. It was a lovely afternoon with some nice collections (although the castle itself isn’t very impressive due to mostly having been destroyed in the mid-17th century before a ducal palace was built on the site. It’s a beautiful palace, but nothing incredibly compelling based on my childhood love of Robin Hood tales. (My poor father had to sit through so many weekend movie nights of the Disney version of Robin Hood he was begging for mercy by the time I was eight). It was interesting learning about the history of the castle though, and the art gallery had some very nice pieces. They currently had a really interesting exhibit on the work of Anish Kapoor. Dramatic colour and shape with some really interesting optical effects. In March the new exhibit will be a collection of 2000 years of silk work from China. I’m definitely going to check it out in the spring. In the meantime, here are some pictures from our afternoon!

The Ducal Palace

The Palace

Janice poking at things...


Janice after the art gallery

The castle gardens


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