Today I was foolish…

To regale you all with stories of my failure at life and adulthood, I thought I’d share this anecdote about what happened at work yesterday (misleading title I know).

So yesterday I was at work (on a Saturday… sigh) because we had a ton of orders to complete and a lot to catch up on. Working on Saturdays isn’t bad, we usually spoil ourselves a bit and its nice to have the place to ourselves while we busily rush around trying to get ahead for the next week.

The only bad thing about working on Saturdays is that the buildings aren’t fully opened by security. So when I decided to go fill up my water bottle in the main reception, I knew to keep the door propped open with my foot.

Unfortunately due to my clumsy nature I managed to off-balance the water bottle (and myself) and trip over my own feet while trying to avoid a major spill. Of course in the process, I managed to let go of the door and it slammed shut behind me, leaving me trapped in reception.

Yes, we can all acknowledge that I’m a star.

I tried about four different door codes before giving up and calling the other building to have someone come and let me out. I’m not sure they’ll let me go anywhere unsupervised anymore…


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