Bakewell and Chatsworth

One day this summer, Janice and I decided to take a daytrip to Bakewell. We hopped on the bus (at a very early hour) and drove three hours to the little picturesque town of Bakewell. I had downloaded a map of a hiking route we were going to take that day. It took us through beautiful countryside, views of historic estates and very little climbing or mud. And then the first thing Janice and I did was to get lost. Its impressive really. We went in completely the opposite direction. Not even close. So instead of our pleasant walk we walked through a field of alpacas (not very friendly), were almost hit by flying golf balls, climbed a very large hill and managed to get entirely muddy. It was excellent!

The Peak District

Somewhere on the mountain/ hill?

Views of Bakewell

The hike did provide us with beautiful views and after a couple hours we made it around the hill (or very small mountain) and saw the town of Bakewell in the distance so we knew where we were again! We headed back to town and wandered through the town (stopping some of the well-known shops and bakeries!) We had afternoon tea at a very popular teahouse and tried the traditional Bakewell pudding and tarts. Bakewell is a lovely place and there is a lot to do in the area (Peak District, Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall)

Re-entering Bakewell


Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Pudding

About a month later Janice and I were back in the area visiting Chatsworth House, a stately manor just a few miles away from Bakewell.  The house looks familiar because its been in several movies – such as the most recent adaption of Pride and Prejudice. The house is home to the Duke of Devonshire and it was home to Bess of Hardwick after her marriage. Janice and I wandered through the house for several hours (I was very impressed by the collection of Orientalist artifacts). I also thought the collection of baby carriages and children’s toys were very sweet. After the house I wandered through the beautiful and extensive gardens for several hours before heading home.


Orientalism was a fun trend!

The family’s library

View down the river Wye

Stairway to the Sky

The fountains

View out onto the Peak District

See you later!


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