I apologize dear readers. For, you know, slipping of the face of the earth. I have no good excuse. Actually I have a million good excuses. Maybe just one. My computer broke. As in it lost the ability to turn on. Its still like that and most of my photos are stuck in its hard drive. Locked away for now (hopefully safe!). So there you have it. One excuse.

Christmas lights in Nottingham

Christmas lights in Nottingham

But I have missed this ritual writing and recording of my projects and travels. I’ve decided that since I now have access to a computer I can resume my blogging. I will be catching up with my travel blogging from my copious notes – I still have trips to Scotland, France, Ireland and Spain to write about – as well as several day trips I did while living in Nottingham. Speaking of – I no longer live in Nottingham! Since it is the New Year I thought I would share my latest projects and undertakings. I currently am back with my parents (thank you thank you thank you) who have graciously taken me back as I sort out the next stages in my life. Currently those involve starting a college program to become a qualified ESL teacher. Ultimately I hope this will lead me back overseas to teach but that will be at least a year away with all these classes!

My first Timmies back in Canada!

My first Timmies back in Canada!

I’m also currently undergoing a major downsizing of stuff. I have too much of it. And its poorly organised. Most of that I’ve fixed already so I can move on to the fun part of that project – creative time! I have boxes and boxes of photographs to organise, scan and put in albums, scrapbooks or in frames. I’ve also signed up to take a short photography workshop to hopefully pick up some new tips and ideas – I like the idea of brushing up on these things and I’ve stolen my brother’s big fancy camera so I can play!

I’m currently looking for new volunteer opportunities in the city to expand my skills and give back – the plan is to keep busy to quell my itchy feet! On the travel horizon I do have some plans for trips slowly coming out of the woodwork for next spring and summer – mostly nearby to Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa to visit friends – but also to British Columbia and maybe Nova Scotia.

I’ve been playing with so many new fancy recipes and ideas in my head so there’ll be lots of food blogging – for now some catch up from over the last month (including some holiday baking)! Since I’m home now I can try out all the new ideas for vegetarian dishes I’ve had swirling about my head the last few months!

And last but not least – I have started on my annual New Years book list and so far I’ve complete three of the titles, namely: Girl Meets Boy by Ali Smith, John Saturnall’s Feast by Lawrence Norfolk and Vagina by Naomi Wolf – three very different books. I’ll be updating with my thoughts on these books and others as I go!

Wishing everyone a productive and happy 2013!



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5 responses to “Hello?

  1. me

    good to have you back 🙂 i have missed your blogging

  2. Kerri Calvert

    Hi Kathryn, Hope you put Alberta on your travel list as well!

  3. Shannon Calvert

    So lovely to have you home!

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