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Flying out

So we’re sitting in Toronto Pearson airport about to board a plane (I might be a little premature, boarding isn’t for another hour). We haven’t even left Canada and all ours plans seem to have changed already!

But first things first. Packing. I own a lot of clothing. And everyone told me how much of a challenge it would be to try to pack for this trip. My baggage allowance was 25kg in any number of combined bags. So I took a backpackers pack and a suitcase (as well as a carry-on bag). So I dutifully laid out my clothing, separating about a third of it for a shortlist and narrowing from there. When my mother saw my pile I clothing she was surprised. I was actually taking a very reasonable amount according to her (6 shirts for backpacking, 2 pairs of pants, etc). So I packed it up in my suitcase and pack (with the help of handy-dandy compression packs) and everything fit without too much difficulty! Until I put it on the scale and realized I had to drop 18lbs. Overnight. And anyone who’s tried extreme dieting knows this is no easy feat! So I unpacked everything, took out some more clothes, narrowed down my toiletries and first aid kit and repacked. I still was 10lbs over. So I weighed my empty suitcase and found it weighed a bloody ton. One new (from the basement) suitcase later, and more discards, I finally had baggage that weighed 2lbs over the allowed limit (but my pack has plenty of extra room now!). So I said screw it and decided I would pay for the extra baggage. So my parents drove me to the airport and helped my unload my luggage. I checked in, put my baggage on the scale and low and behold – it measured 24kg (1kg under)! My bathroom scale is off (which is nice for everyone’s waistline at my house, but very stressful when it comes to packing!

Now I’m in the airport guarding the luggage while Janice buys a few souvenirs for our hosts in various places,  and I can sit and think and write (and hope I didn’t forget anything). Our plans were to stay in the UK for almost two days before flying to Athens on friday and continuing through Greece. But with the strikes (no flights and delays) and rioting, we’re reconsidering our plans. we haven’t quite figured out what the alternative will be, but we’ll have a few more days in the UK (in Nottingham) to figure it out. We’ll keep you updated too!


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Packing/ stress

I leave in four days. And I can honestly say that I am in no way ready. Moving is such a pain… I still haven’t dealt with all the stuff I moved back to my parent’s house and I have to really fricking soon because I leave on Wednesday! Holy crap! It’s so soon and I totally haven’t started packing, the house looks like a tornado hit and I still have so many errands to do. Best of all, since I had my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago, I’ve been kinda out of commission.  Before that, I had friends visiting and before that it was thanksgiving (so I was spending time with my baby brother and the boyfriend). Before that? I’d managed to catch a chest infection (ohhh fun) and was in Kingston, and before that? At the cottage. Why did I leave everything to the last-minute? Because I’m a bad ol’procrastinator. Although this time it’s not just that. Life just got in the way! I swear…

Anyways, stuff has got to get done in the next few days (like buying power adaptors, a new bottle of foundation, last-minute meds and, you know, packing!) But at the moment I still can’t bend over because of the teeth stuff. Thanks goodness my parents get home today and my mother has said she’ll help with the heavy lifting I still can’t do. I know that somehow, it’ll all get done… I still have to sort through some of my belongings from my Ottawa house as well as clear space to store them in my parent’s house while I’m gone. I also still have my closet to go through – deciding what to take and what to leave is a challenge, so little room! I’m gone for a minimum of ten months though, so I need enough clothing to basically get me through most of that. Luckily I have space to store some stuff in the UK while I’m backpacking, but it’s still not a lot of room! We’ll see how I manage.

My biggest fear at the moment is that my teeth will take forever to heal. It would suck to leave and still be on a liquid diet. I’m bored of it already… I want real food!!!

By the way (for visuals) here’s a video I found that lays out the problem with the US economy. Good concise stuff! Now if only people would listen…

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